News Flash: A Change of Pace!

News Flash: A Change of Pace!

We’re back, after a week long hiatus! As we pass our fifth mensiversary, we’ve taken some time to think about how we’re going about things and what direction we want to take in the future.

One change we’ll be making is about our news reports. When we first started back in January we were afraid that we would struggle to find noteworthy stories frequently. As such we’d decided to report what had happened over the previous week on Monday. Now, 5 months in, we’ve come to see that we can now switch to a more frequent schedule. So from this week henceforth, or unofficially since last week, we’ll no longer be doing weekly summaries. Instead, we’ll now be doing sporadic updates throughout the week, as news reaches us.

Secondly, for the latter half of this year, we’ll be diverting out attention to a specific issue. With Adobe (and pretty much all modern browsers) discontinuing Flash Player by the end of the year, we’re going to be prioritizing news on archival/preservational efforts on Flash. You can expect us to share a whole lot more updates and guides on BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint.

Last but not least, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to RetroRomper, who had been serving as a consultant, benefactor and most importantly a candid friend to all of us here at DataHorde. Following his resignation due to personal reasons, we all hope that he will now be able to find some peace of mind. Even during his last week with us, he’s offered us invaluable advice to help keep the site going and growing. We shall strive to take this to heart, and carry on the torch he’s helped us ignite.

We apologize for the hiatus, and hope to continue updates starting tomorrow.


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