All TechnologyGuide Forums shutting down January 31

All TechnologyGuide Forums shutting down January 31

A member of our Discord server came in to notify us of a good number of potential closings scheduled for January 31. So that’s less than a week left to take action! The TechnologyGuide forum network, including the likes of and TabletPCReview are all shutting down due to a corporate decision. Oh dear!

The announcement came from longtime tech reviewer and moderator Charles Jefferies. As he reminisces over the rise and fall of NotebookReview and her sister sites, which have today only been reduced to unfrequented forums, he implores what remains of the once strong gearhead community to decide on what platform to migrate to in their exodus.

On behalf of the small but dedicated volunteer staff here, we wish you the best. We wish we could send you off a little more gracefully. Please enjoy the remaining time.

Charles Jefferies & the NBR Moderation Team

So without further ado, a complete list of sites closing down in the TechnologyGuide network are as follows:

It should also be noted that Archive Team has been made aware of the situation as well. Yet we are not aware of any archivebot/grab-site grabs at this time. Be sure to comment or reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any archives you would like to share, and to stay tuned to catch up on any updates.

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