Exciting Events in the postmortem Flash Scene

Exciting Events in the postmortem Flash Scene
REVIVAL OF FLASH! WE NEED YOU! Looking for runners to speedrun any flash game, to prove flash still lives! Saturday 20th February ttv/FlashMarathon

Almost 40 days ago Flash Player reached its End Of Life and has since been disabled on most browsers. Fortunately the Flash community has been able to keep things going thanks to a few workarounds.

Kicking things off, Flash speedrunners Conor and Slush Puppy are hosting Flash Marathon 5: Revival of Flash this Saturday (February 20 at 13:00 UTC) at ttv/flashmarathon! The marathon will feature classics such as Cat Mario, Henry Stickmin: Fleeing the Complex and Papa’s Hot Doggeria.

A full list of games can be found on the marathon schedule available at: https://horaro.org/flashmarathon5/schedule. Also pay their Discord Server a visit while you are at it!

In other news, Flash Forward Jam has been extended into February. The goal of the jam is to make a game or (interactive) movie in Flash, to showcase Ruffle‘s emulation capabilities.

Tom Fulp himself recently submitted an entry together with a few other Newgrounds veterans. It’s called Drop Cannon and is probably the most unconventional matching game you haven’t played yet.

Drop Cannon, click to play on Newgrounds

Speaking of game jams, one jam has recently concluded: Grow-On Jam, a jam dedicated to Grow series creator On Nakayama (EYEZMAZE). Although none of the games submitted were actually made in Flash, they were all themed around On Nakayama’s games.

Grow-ON Jam, A game jam to celebrate the work of On Nakayama

Welcome to Grow-ON Jam, a celebration of the work of indie veteran developer On Nakayama (ON/EYEZMAZE), notable creator of the GROW series of Flash and mobile titles. Over twenty years ON has published dozens of freely available titles to a wide audience, and founded a unique genre of gentle games with layered progression systems.

If you’re feeling nostalgic after playing through all the submissions, you might also want to visit the jam’s Discord Server.

The jam has also brought attention to On Nakayama’s poor health, which has led to him requiring a heart surgery in 2019, which he is still recovering from. The good news is that things seem to be getting better for him based on recent Tweets.

Want to play through the original Grow games, but can’t run Flash? Check out the Flash Player Emergency Kit for tips and info on how to run Flash files post-EOL!

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