Help Archive Team Archive public Google Drive files before September 13!

Help Archive Team Archive public Google Drive files before September 13!

On September 13, Google is going to start requiring longer URLs to access many Google Drive files, breaking links to public files across the web unless users opt out! Because of this, Archive Team has launched a project to archive as many publicly-available Google Drive files as possible and make them accessible on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. (Note that video files are not included at this time due to their size.)

You can help! Simply follow the steps to download and run an Archive Team Warrior, and then select the Google Drive project. (You can also run the project using a Docker container using as the image address.)

Additionally, people with lists of public Google Drive file URLs are encouraged to share them so they can be archived.

In order to stay up-to-date with the project and be reachable in case of an issue, project contributors are encouraged to connect and stay connected to the project discussion channel, #googlecrash on, also available through webchat.

Archiving progress statistics for this project are available on the Archive Team project tracker, and source code is available on GitHub.


  1. Dylan Hooton

    I can’t archive my files or folders, an attempts to archive only leads me to an archive signup/sign-in page that does not work. 🙁

    • themadprogramer

      Hi Dylan, the deadline on this project expired months ago, back in autumn of last year. I doubt the Warrior script for Google Drive is active any longer.

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