Internet Archive Scholar: A Collection of 25 Million Publications

Internet Archive Scholar

We all know that finding scholarly articles is a pain, given that a good chunk of them are behind some sort of paywall, or require some sort of account, or are straight up just gone.

…hrm, “straight up gone”, you say? Well, if there’s one place to check for straight up gone stuff, it’s the Internet Archive. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a new project from the Archive: Internet Archive Scholar. Fresh with a very 90s VHS-style logo, Internet Archive Scholar lets you search up any of the scholarly papers stored on the massive archive at your convenience.

coverage visualization tool
Did you know that every year, a 100,000 or so publications are “publish”ed with no back-ups? Stat Source: Fatcat

IA Scholar started as an Archive Lab project built on Fatcat, a publicly editable catalogue of open publications. IA Scholar had been in closed-beta since September 2020 and having now matured, today it officially enters open-beta with a grand announcement you can read on the IA’s Blog.

Be sure to also check out Archive Lab for other crazy projects supported by IA. Have a look at GifCities the GeoCities-era GIF search engine, it even has a Twitter bot that tweets GIFs periodically.


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