Introducing Myself


I’m tech234a, and I look forward to being a contributor to this blog! I’ve have been interested in archiving for a while now, and think it would be cool to help keep the community informed about the world of archiving.

Some of my most major projects that I have led include the archiving of Google+ Comments placed on Blogger blogs as well as the archiving of video and audio content from G Suite Training/Synergyse. I have also helped out in developing tools to help access YouTube annotations after they were removed. (I made a Firefox extension called AnnotationsReloaded, but it doesn’t work any more. I have contributed to the Annotations Restored project, which does work.) I have also helped out with data discovery on and various other websites.

I am an active participant in the Internet Trash Heap Discord server, and I also follow Archive Team activities on IRC fairly regularly.

Anyway, I look forward to helping bring you quality content from all parts of the world of archiving, through regular summary posts as well as through project feature posts.

I encourage you to stay up-to-date with the latest archiving news by following this blog with your RSS reader.

Hope to see you soon!


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