News Flash: Flashpoint 8.1 Out Now!

News Flash: Flashpoint 8.1 Out Now!

Flashpoint, the webgame preservation project, received a pretty large “minor” update this week, Flashpoint 8.1: “Spirit of Adventure”, grab it over at

BlueMaxima hasn’t made a Medium post for this release, so here’s a brief summary of his Discord announcement:

  • Tons of new games, over 4000 in fact! And over a 1000 animations to boot!
  • BlueMaxima and DarkMoe present: The Newgrounds Auditorium! A complete copy of the entire Newgrounds repertoire of animations (Over 130 000!). The NG Auditorium isn’t brand new, it actually started a standalone project but has in this version been integrated into Flashpoint Infinity.
The Newgrounds Auditorium in all of its glory
  • Logos and screenshots! Enabled in Flashpoint Infinity by default; in grid view, the logos and screenshots for games/animations will now download automatically!
  • Launcher improvements and more!

If you’re desperately in need of a nostalgia overload, now’s a better time than ever to install Flashpoint! But if you’re more interested in what happens behind the scenes, check out our community spotlight:


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