Rescuing A Forgotten Nick Gem: The Avatar Yield Project

Book 1 from the ATLA Microsite

Books 1, 2 and 3!

Long ago the 3 Books on Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender website provided a comprehensive guide to the world of Avatar, but everything changed when the site was shut down…

As can be seen above, ATLA used to have an interactive encyclopedia of its own in the form of a massive Flash page. Fans of the show could see Aang and his crew’s travels on the world map, with every point representing the location of a particular episode. You could read up on the events, the geography and the history of the world!

But as the years went by, the contents of this compendium have fallen into obscurity. Besides a few screenshots on Avatar Wikia, a less-interactive fanmade archive of the website is still available. The Lost Lore of Avatar Aang is a Tumblr blog contains the entirety of the text entries, and a very good portion of the images from the original website.

With the death of Flash Player upon us, archivists have initiated a hunt to find (or rebuild) a working version of the interactive Flash version of the website.

-Why did we name it Avatar “yield”?

-Well we were trying to muster up an army to force nick to reupload the game!

Actual Conversation on the AYP Discord Server

The team have been collecting and piecing together WayBackMachine snapshots, tracking down mirrors of minigames and are hoping to contact the series creators who were involved in the making of the Avatar website.

They still have a lot to do, before they save anyone. But I believe the Avatar Yield Project can save the World!

If Avatar the Last Airbender meant something to you, or if you’re only a lost media connoisseur, join the team! Click here to join the Avatar Yield Discord Server.

Be sure to also check out the Welcome to Republic City Tumblr archive, which is more or less the Legend of Korra equivalent. (Interactive version mirrored here, also available on Flashpoint)


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