Site Update: New service for email subscriptions

Because Google will be shutting down Feedburner’s email subscription service in July, we will be migrating our email subscriptions to Feedio. Existing subscribers should keep an eye out for a subscription invitation from our new email service within the next few days and follow the link to confirm their subscription. We will not be automatically unsubscribing users from the Feedburner email list, so subscribers will continue to receive emails from Feedburner until that service is shut down unless they unsubscribe from that list beforehand. We are still waiting for Feedio to fully activate our account, so it might take a few days for email notifications for new posts to start being sent. If any new users want to subscribe to receive new post notifications via email, the subscription widget in the sidebar has been updated to use the new email delivery service.

This change only affects our email subscriptions; our RSS feed will continue to be provided by Feedburner.


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