This Week In Archiving 07/12/2021

This Week In Archiving 07/12/2021
Image: Portrait of Sherwin Siy, Photo by Myleen Hollero,_Sherwin_January_2019.jpg

In Memoriam

Public Interest crusader and Internet Archive partner Sherwin Siy was reported to have passed on 7 July, 2021, at the age of 40. Through the span of his career, Sherwin Siy served as Public Knowledge‘s VP of Legal Affairs, helped shape the Public Policy of Wikimedia and had a long history of cooperating with the EFF.

Sherwin Siy’s contribution to the Internet Archive was making sense of how the Archive handled TV news, from a legal perspective, as reported by Lila Bailey, his former partner in law. Suffice to say, news archives on IA such as the Third Eye news chyron collection might have never came to be, were it not for his efforts.


Bluemaxima’s Flashpoint, the webgame preservation project/community, finally has a dedicated submission website at Previously, game submissions were made through their Discord server and had to await a laborious approval/rejection process. Let us hope, that this change will make archiving efforts a whole lot easier. You can read more about the how-to of it here.

Again on the subject of Flashpoint, the community has taken it upon themselves to preserve interactive “YouTube games”. As known to our longtime readers, once upon a time YouTube had an annotation system which could be used to link videos together. Some folks went out of their way to make Choose Your Adventure styled games, where depending on your choices, you would be taken to another video. But after the feature’s removal in 2019, many channels unlisted their annotation-intensive videos and now with YouTube’s plans to forcibly private old unlisted videos, these games are at risk of extinction. To help out with the Flashpoint project to preserve these video games, head over to the #youtube-games channel on the Flashpoint Discord Server.

What if the Earth were Hollow? Collab between Vsauce and MinutePhysics
Click here to watch with annotations.

With 11 days to go before the delisting of unlisted videos, archivists are working around the clock to hunt down unlisted videos. All the projects we discussed last week are still in motion; from Archive Team’s metadata scraping on #[email protected], to subreddit frenzies for harvesting videos linked on the index.

Distributed YouTube Archive

Another noteworthy project is the #youtube-unlisted project on the Distributed YouTube Archive. A major bottleneck for Archive Team, and other groups, has been archiving of raw video files, as the Internet Archive and Google Cloud are not suited for a sudden influx of large video files. The DYA project, aims to mitigate this by splitting the task of storage between contributors. If a video is requested for download, the contributors who have made a copy of that video share their copy. While this might seem like a tedious process, it means that anyone with spare space can contribute to the storage, without TBs of hardware.

Finally, Omniarchive is holding a competition to collect Minecraft related unlisted videos.

What do I get out of it?
We will be giving 1 month of Discord Nitro, as well as a unique Discord role, and credit on the Omniarchive index, to the three users who submit the highest number of unique, valid videos.

How can I help?
Simply all you need to do is post as many UNLISTED Minecraft videos uploaded on or before 31st December 2011 into #unlisted-videos as you can possibly find. That’s it. If you find an unlisted Minecraft video uploaded anywhere from 2009-2011, post it! We’ll handle the rest using a few scripts to filter out any duplicates and other unwanted links. Check out this link for a detailed guide on how you can find such videos:

HalfOfAKebab, Omniarchive Mod

Are you involved with an archiving project related to YouTube’s unlisted videos, or not? Reach out to us at [email protected] so we can give you a shoutout!


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