Thousands of Classic Winamp Skins on the Internet Archive!

Thousands of Classic Winamp Skins on the Internet Archive!

Remember Winamp, the old music player? Built-in equalizer, user-made skins and an unholy amount of ad spam? If yes, I then you will absolutely adore the Winamp Skin Collection on the Internet Archive!

One thing sadly lost in the transition from desktop to mobile was user-customizability. Winamp, in particular, had a community dedicated to designing and sharing custom skins. Though Winamp has been obsoleted, to some extent, the aesthetic in these skins are certainly a lot more timeless. Preserving that artistic value is the Winamp Skin Collection, with over 72 thousand community made Winamp skins, waiting for your viewing pleasure on the Internet Archive.

Skin: V2 Technics White Resting by johnnyg0
Song: Puppies’ Space Station by Saria Lemes

The best part? You can run it from your browser, even on your smartphone! The skins in this collection are set up to load Webamp, an open-source HTML5 rewrite of Winamp 2.

From stereo-themed skins, to futuristic devices; and from game fan-art to original designs you’re certain to find the perfect skin for all of your llama-whipping needs! Also be sure to check out the Winamp Skin Museum and the Butterchurn Visualizer!


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