Weekly Summary 03/09/2020

This past week was especially significant for DataHorde, in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve moved! Goodbye data-horde.blogspot.com and hello datahorde.org!

Gaming Alexandria

This was a result of out new partnership with Gaming Alexandria, a community dedicated to researching video game history and game preservation. We hope this will be a good opportunity for us to expand our horizons and reach out to more communities.

So without further ado, let’s cut to the chase. We have a couple of sites which are expected to go down in early April.

Mixital was a content-creation/remix website made by the BBC. It hosts a number of mini-communities such as one for amateur journalism (ex. children reporting local or school news) and another one for writing Dr. Who fan-fiction. About a year ago they announced their shutdown and the deadline is less than a month away.

Mixital was set up to inspire digital creativity with the BBC and we’re pleased with the role it has played in doing that. We’ve learned a number of valuable lessons that we’ll share internally and with partners, but we feel the time is right to take these lessons and explore how we might apply them in other ways online. 


Mixital does seem to offer users the ability to download some of their content, but to what extent is unknown as new content/acounts cannot be created, and we haven’t been able to contact any users.

Archive Team is currently on the case and you can see their progress on their website or join the discussion on #missitall on hackint.

Ziggo’s Webspace online storage is also going down:

Aan alles komt een eind. Tot 13 april 2015 kreeg je bij ons opslagruimte op het internet. Zo kon je een eigen website of bestanden opslaan. Dit noemden we Webspace. Omdat er tegenwoordig betere gratis diensten op de markt zijn, die bovendien veel meer ruimte aanbieden, zetten we per 1 april 2020 de dienst Webspace uit.

There’s an end to everything. Until 13th of April 2015 you [as our customers] received a storage space on the internet from us, so you could keep a personal website of your own or files in it. We named this “Webspace”. However nowadays there are better free services on the market, which even offer much more storage space, so we’re shutting down the Webspace service on April 1st 2020.


The page does however list a number of alternatives customers can switch to, and reminds them to make sure they haven’t left anything behind (given the approximately 5 year wait). Archive Team is also on it, and you can follow #webroasting on EFnet.

In other news, former lost media Australian horror movie DeN (2001) has been recovered. The movie had won an award or two in small film festivals before fading into obscurity. It did however maintain some relevance for comparisons by reviewers (and lawsuits) related to the Saw franchise.

Though the movie seems to have been circulating around for some time now, Reddit’s u/-Archivist decided to unveil it to the world after seeing that it was labeled as lost media.

Finally some news on game preservation:

Gaming Alexandria has dumped quite a few games made for the MZ-2200, an 8-bit personal computer from 1985! Be sure to check out their article.

These are among Hudson Soft’s early titles. It might be hard to imagine it, but there was once a time when you could play games off of cassette tapes.

Stay tuned for next week’s summary, where we’ll hopefully see each other again same time next week at EST 9 AM!


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