Weekly Summary 04/27/2020

Weekly Summary 04/27/2020

This week, we’re talking about Fanfic Scavangers and The Eye going to see an Ophthalmologist…

A small circle of fan fiction writers/enthusiasts have set out on a mission to archive old Stargate stories from a decade or two ago. This week they completed “bookmarking”, that is to say cataloging links, the entirety of Area 52, one of the largest collections of slash fics of its time.

Hit or Miss: Roland Emmerich | write and sleep

Area 52 was a part of a larger Stargate fan fiction community called Heliopolis, which started in 1998, and lasted up until the later half of the 2010’s. Although the websites in the Heliopolis network have disappeared, snapshots on the Wayback Machine remained. This group dug through those snapshots to collect a whopping 11317 entries.

Seeing as the website is long gone, they have decided to publish it in this bookmark state instead of retrieving the entirety of the text. The team plans to contact authors and ask them if they are ok with this or having the text format also republished, however seeing as some of these entries are over 20 years old, that might be quite difficult.

The catalogue may be found at: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/Area_52/bookmarks

More information on the project may be found here:

The Eye, which has been down for about 17 days now, reports that they’ve finally received new hardware. They expect to relaunch by Tuesday or Wednesday.

A huge thank you to all Donators, and to those of you who bought merch to help us raise funds in aid of getting us back online with this nice upgrade <3

BiosPlus from The Eye

That’s it for this week…


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