Weekly Summary 05/25/2020

Weekly Summary 05/25/2020

Imgur’s forums shut down, Street Fighter April Fool’s games are back and a new tool to identify lost YouTube videos!


Imgur’s Community forums shut down on May 22, following an announcement from a month ago, which served as the finest epitaph the forums deserved:

This isn’t a decision that we take lightly, and it’s one that I deliver with a heavy heart. Throughout the past five years, IC has helped Imgur to evolve, recognize areas of strength and weakness, and connect on a human level with Imgurians. More importantly, it became a tight-knit Internet home for some incredibly awesome people, leading to lifelong friendships and even tiny new humans! We sent a banana around the worldQ&A’d with interesting people, defied the “no selfies” rule (three times over), counted halfway to ten thousand, and brought civil discourse to challenging topics. It has been a marvelous run.

Sarah Schaaf, Admin of the Imgur Community Forum

Fortunately a portion of the forums survives on the WayBackMachine, feel free to check it out: https://web.archive.org/web/20200521041503/https://community.imgur.com/

Next we have Heroes wiki, a wiki for the NBC series Heroes is shutting down June 1st. The shutdown announcement came a few days ago:

I want to thank the Heroes Wiki community for everything they’ve done. From interviews conducted with cast and crew to detailed character and episode information to fan theories. We’ve created something great and I will always have the fondest of memories of our times and achievements.

Brian, Admin of Heroes Wiki https://heroeswiki.com/User:Admin/Goodbye

New Projects

Have you ever had videos deleted from a YouTube playlist and wondered what those videos were? Using a variety of techniques, it is actually possible to retrieve the name of a removed video.

Reddit user u/Shining_Force_Unity recently unveiled a tool they made, which automates the process:

A query for a deleted video, a tutorial on how to freeze time in good old Sony Vegas, apparently: http://tuberomancy.com/video/MdyPuAujgj0


Capcom recently re-released 4 April Fool’s games from past years on their website. A quiz game, a card game, a shooter and my personal favorite: 2020’s NECO DROP, a Shariki/Bubble Popper game with Street Fighter characters as cute cats!

The web-games will remain available for the rest of the year, head on over to https://www.capcom-unity.com/2020/05/21/street-fighter-april-fools-mini-games-have-returned/ yourself if you’re looking to kill a few minutes!


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