Why is this important? Or, the story of Victor Trembly

So let’s start off with a story. It’s 2013 and I’ve just found out Homestar Runner made a reappearance. Strong Bad gets his name wrong and calls him Homestuck. I check that out and eventually I decide to check out the forums. I get acquainted and even start my own little thing called NetHacked, starring Victor Trembly. (Female, by the way. Name and gender were picked by two different people.) This of course died a quick and swift death. Then I retooled it into “Victor has gotten loose and I need to get him back”. This is moderately successful in the sense that I have some sort of audience. I had just dropped forcing him to watch MM8 cutscenes, MST3K-style, before all of a sudden, the forums disappeared. As far as I know, there was no backup. This is not a good thing. Preventing that sort of nonsense is why we’re here. Because people put effort into things and they deserve to stick around.

Victor says hi.

– glmdgrielson


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