Community Spotlight: The Eye

Community Spotlight: The Eye

Who are they?

The Eye is a group of volunteers who claim to run the largest “open directory” on the internet, a claim which few would dare challenge seeing as their collection is at a whopping 140TBs of data. From old magazines to ROMs of long forgotten games, The Eye sees it all!

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What do they do?

An open directory refers to, well, file directories out in the open. You might think of them like folders you might have long forgotten you’d opened to save photos or music on your own computer, except instead of solely being on your computer these are scattered all across the internet.

The main objective of The Eye is to be a “janitor”, so to speak, by collecting as many open directories as they possibly can to build the biggest open directory of them all!

How do they do it?

Hunt and Gather! By searching for publicly available files and gathering them on their mega-server.

To be more specific the core team behind the server and infrastructure of The Eye is about 10-15 people. Despite doing this without any profit in mind, The Eye collects donations to help pay for maintenance costs. Additionally volunteers might share collections they’d like to upload to The Eye with them.

How do I sign up?

The Eye has an ultra-active Discord server, which is accessible from the Community tab on their website It’s your best bet if you’d like to contribute in any way, or just see what goes on behind the scenes.

Then what are you waiting for? Go on, See The Eye for yourself!

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