Weekly Summary 05/11/2020

Distributed YouTube Archive

Before we start, in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been going through some design changes. Most notably you should now be able to see a link to our Discord Server on the homepage if you would be interested in a more direct channel to get involved in Data Horde.

New Projects

YouTube is pretty cool don’t you think? Jawed Karim, one of the founders of the site, has gone on record saying that the idea behind YouTube was to make a website where you could find or share any clip, even if it wasn’t available anywhere else:

And yet, nowadays due to a combination of changes to site policies and peer pressure for content creators, YouTube is no longer the same bastion for videos “you can’t find anywhere else” it once was. As such, a number of projects have emerged to back up significant videos or channels.

Distributed YouTube Archive is a project which aims to, hence the name, build up a distributed archive of YouTube. Instead of building a dreadnought to house millions of videos, DYTA aims to distribute the videos among collaborators in the project. No single person needs an immense storage space, everyone backs up what they’re able to store. When anyone requests a copy of a video, people who’ve made a copy of it will be alerted.

Sound like a good idea? If so, head over to https://discord.gg/EJvS4kf, to find out more.


The mobile game Sega Heroes will be shutting down May 21. Details at: https://www.sega.com/segaheroes


4 weeks after hardware failure, The Eye finally re-opened last week on May 8th.


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